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DG4 - Stand+2 (two) dispenser + 1 (one) cup lid dispenser


Counter stand with 2 (two) self-adjusting stainless steel dispensers + 1 cup lid dispenser

Material : High quality and strength 10 series extruded aluminum & stainless steel 0,044mm (g 26 )

Color : Silver satin

Brand : DispGo.

Stand capacity : 3 (three) dispensers

Stand dimension : WxLxH 15,2 x 17,7 x 40,6cms(6"x7"x16")

Item Dimensions : WxLxH 20 x 27,3 x 67,3cms (6"x10.7"x26,5")

Stand weight : 0,95 kg (2 pounds)

Item weight : 3.12 kg (6.8 pounds)


About this article

  • Ideal to distribute the cups and lids in a functional, organized and clean way.
  • Unique mechanism to dispense only one cup at a time
  • Self-adjusting springs to a wide variety of cups of different diameters and capacities.
  • Easy disinfection because stainless steel is a barrier against contamination by viruses and bacteria.
  • Easily removable.
  • Durable and resistant stainless steel which also offers an aesthetic aspect.
  • Top Loaded Design allows easy filling.
  • Secure lid to avoid exposure to the environment.
  • Capacity: 100 units of cup lids and 50-60 of cups depending on the format
  • Made in Canada.


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