About us

About Dispgo

With the global pandemic affecting and threatening the health of humanity, we have learned the importance of adopting responsible habits, minimizing the possibility of creating environments that favor the multiplication of viruses and bacteria with the capacity to affect our health.

We are a company whose objective has been to develop products in the field of catering which serve as a barrier against contamination and which prevent the possibility of creating host environments for the vectors of spread of diseases that affect the quality of life.

We are aware of the possibility of getting sick through physical contact, or through the saliva that is expelled when we speak, which is why we produce elements that prevent contact between pollutants and our body.

Our products avoid the exposure to the environment of disposable cups, protecting them from direct contact and covering possible germs expelled when we speak, preventing the possibility of harboring bacteria and viruses, which serve as a gateway to disease.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

- Peter Drucker

What motivates us

Mission, vision & values


To preserve the health and prevent illnesses of people in Canada by avoiding direct exposure of disposable cups to the environment and to people by means of a distributor that acts as a barrier to current threats from potential vectors of diseases such as bacteria and viruses.


Develop environmentally friendly devices that improve the quality of life of people.


Innovation, commitment to the environment, and the promotion of healthy habits to preserve health.

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